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Customised Learning Strategies

Creating Learning Institutions and Strategies, for Growth and Empowerment

We provide you with expert consulting, workshops and practical tools to assist your organisation in designing, developing and implementing learning functions and capabilities that inspire, grow and empower people and communities. We will enable you to enhance your ability to learn in order to grow and sustain your organisation’s competitive advantage.

We will provide you with expert assistance to:

  • Develop your own learning strategy
  • Design and implement your own corporate business school, academy, corporate university or world class learning function
  • Identify and implement learning and knowledge management technology platforms
  • Identify your core competencies for strategic competitive advantage
  • Identify and implement an internationally benchmarked learning methodology
  • Skill your staff in using learning measures and building capability to measure and evaluate the business impact and R.O.I. of learning
  • Develop and manage your learning budgets
  • Set up efficient and cost-effective administrative learning functions
  • Document and enhance learning practices and processes using a systemic model which is fully integrated with other HR and development functions

We will also share with you case studies from around the world, and share our own experience in developing international award winning corporate business schools in collaboration with other leading international experts from consultancies and corporate or university based business schools.

We create Learning Strategies and functions that focus on:

  • attracting and retaining the best people
  • delivering learning that is designed to support the core business objectives of the organisation
  • growing and retaining competitive advantage
  • growing and developing people and competencies across organisational and national boundaries
  • achieving better manpower development, opportunities for job rotation, secondments etc. across business functions and between divisions and business units around the world
  • assessing and evaluating the impact of learning on business results
  • identifying boundaries and overlaps between different business entities, regions and centralised learning functions
  • reducing duplication of learning services, products, costs, time and resources
  • developing and implementing best practice learning methodologies and technologies that accelerate learning
  • aligning learning to national initiatives and legislative requirements
  • forming mutually beneficial learning partnerships

For more information on our learning programmes and consulting services, please contact us:

Pinoak Consulting
Phone (+27) (21) 461-2879 / 082-305-2875 / 072-177-2341
Email: enquiries at NOSPAM pinoakconsulting dot com