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About Pinoak Consulting

Pinoak Consulting was founded in 1998 in Cape Town by Antonia (Toni) Gillham and Zak Van Straaten and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. We work in a strategic partnership with the black empowerment company Mayikana Consulting (based in Johannesburg), which is headed by the well known South African consultant Mbulelo Mayikana.

Although we are based in Cape Town we are able to deliver knowledge management solutions, customised learning strategies and assist you in implementing corporate business schools or academies in North America, Europe and Asia.

Pinoak Consulting has produced work for its clients which has resulted in international awards. The work we did in designing a Group Learning Strategy for the Old Mutual Business School and for consulting on the implementation of the Business School received an award for Best Corporate Business School from the United States based Corporate University Xchange (C.U.X.) in Paris, September 2003.
    The Old Mutual Business School won four further awards;
  • from the Corporate University Xchange (C.U.X.): Best Strategic Alignment and Best Leadership Development.(2004)

  • An A.S.T.D. (American Society for Training & Development) BEST Award for 2004
  • An Honorable Mention for Best Overall Corporate University from Corporate University Best in Class (CUBIC) in 2003.

Our mission is to empower our clients by sharing our knowledge and thinking, so that they can maintain competitive advantage.


Ms. Antonia (Toni) Gillham
C.E.O. (Corporate Business School Design and Implementation; Learning Strategies; Business Strategy, Knowledge Management Strategies & Solutions; Team Activ)View Toni Gillham's profile on LinkedIn
Professor Zak Van Straaten
(Knowledge Management Solutions and Strategies; K.M. Education and Training; Valuing your Intellectual Property; Innovation Strategies and Solutions; Corporate Business School Design and Implementation) (in a previous academic life:- The Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes, Model Theory, Provability Logic & ZF Set Theory) View Zak Van Straaten's profile on LinkedIn
Mr. Mbulelo Mayikana
(C.E.O. of Mayikana Consulting which consults in the field of Human Capital // Human Resources)


Professor Nigel Nicholson
(Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School and author of Managing the Human Animal, (Texere, London, New York, 2000.)) View pub/1/44/645  profile on LinkedIn
Mr. Rolf Dienst
Business Strategy (Rolf Dienst is a founding partner of Wellington Partners, a leading European venture capital company; and past chairman of the German Private Equity Association) View  pub/5/288/757 profile on LinkedIn
Mr. Anton van Straaten
(Software Consultant, Decision Support Systems, Functional Languages Expert (e.g. SCHEME, HASKELL, LAMBDA & ML). View pub/1/992/223 profile on LinkedIn
Dr. Abner Nyamende
(African Languages; Communications & Cultural Affairs)

Knowledge & Thinking Partners

Professor Mark Leon
(Foundations of Psychology; professor of philosophy in the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.)View pub/7/524/387 profile on LinkedIn
Mr. Cory Voigt
(General Manager, Palgrave MacMillan (Southern Africa) Academic, professional and reference book publishing and marketing in developing countries, Johannesburg.)View pub/7/491/a29 profile on LinkedIn
Mr. John Thompson
(Leadership Development using the business driven action learning (BDAL) approach. Has run major programmes for top talent in the Standard Bank and in the Packaging, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries using the BDAL methodology. Johannesburg.)
Dr. Susan Van Zyl
(Psychology & Evolutionary Psychology, Deputy Dean (Postgraduate), Faculty of Humanities, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.) View pub/7/488/860  profile on LinkedIn
Ms. Henrietta van Greuning
(Merchant Bank Credit Scoring, Origination & Account Management, & Private Wealth Management)
Ms. Alison Garlick
( Information Specialist, Capetown.)
Ms. Janet McFarlan
(Education & Training Specialist, Glascow, Scotland.)
Ms. Laura de Wet
(Education & Training Specialist, Johannesburg.)
Mr. Anthony Holland
(Information Technology; London.)
Mr. Ryan Hill
(Copyright and Publishing; Cape Town.)
Ms. Alice Gillham
(Composer; the Music Industry, Cape Town)

Unlisted Knowledge & Thinking Partners

(We have many unlisted knowledge & thinking partners, who for reasons of professional reticence or modesty, or because they are the ultimate insider, influential but not visible, wish to be knowledge & thinking partners but remain unlisted.)