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Corporate Business School design & implementation

Pinoak Consulting designs and consults on the implementation of Corporate Business Schools and Corporate Universities.

1. The Advantages we bring to the table

  • An ability to deliver very quickly because of our experience which translates into benefits for our clients, i.e. quick implementation times and lower consultancy costs.
  • We have first hand experience in the mistakes which are made in setting up a corporate business school, so we are able to advise on how to avoid these from the outset, thus saving time and money.
  • Pinoak Consulting has produced work for its clients which has resulted in international awards. The work we did in designing a Group Learning Strategy for the Old Mutual Business School and for consulting on the implementation of the Business School received five international awards from the United States based Corporate University Xchange (C.U.X.); the A.S.T.D. (American Society for Training & Development) and from Corporate University Best in Class (CUBIC).(see our ABOUT page for details)
  • We have extensive personal knowledge, and research and benchmarking knowledge on the design and implementation of corporate business schools and universities around the world.
  • We have built up a network of learning professionals from many international institutions and are able to draw on their growing and evolving expert knowledge.
  • We have attended many international conferences on corporate business schools organised by the Corporate University Exchange (C.U.X.) and others. Our C.E.O. Toni Gillham has delivered papers at some of these conferences on business school design.

2. Key Objectives in Establishing a Corporate Business School

The enhancement of organizational learning through the creation of a corporate business school or corporate university has been tested in numerous global organizations around the world. Most of these organizations have through the creation of their own corporate business schools, been able to focus their learning and development initiatives far more on their own specific organizational, industry and market needs than before. The establishment of a corporate business school will result in satisfyting the following objectives and benefits:

  • A broader and more comprehensive view of learning based not just on filling current gaps but on identifying and preparing leadership for future core business imperatives and strategies for the industry. This enables the organization to prepare for expansion as well as develop leadership who are able to be proactive and innovative when required.
  • Learning and development interventions that are, without losing valuable international and national focus, less generic than those offered at current established business schools. The learning is predominantly selected and designed to support the specific strategies of the organization. This enables leadership to grow to understand what it is that gives their own organization its core competitive advantage in the market and what needs to be done to retain it and grow it.
  • A greater focus on the global imperatives of the business.
  • A greater focus on group wide or cross-functional strategies and concerns; learners are encouraged to view their organization as a whole and not as a collection of self-sufficient individual business units or departments.
  • The integration of the Executive Development Programme and other interventions with a group wide learning focus at a strategic level.
  • Effective knowledge management processes and practices that form an integral part of development and learning.
  • Global and local networks and learning partnerships with other corporate business schools, universities or academies, such as the London Business School, Stanford Business School, or The Gordon Institute of Business.
  • International benchmarking of learning providers and learning content and processes
  • Fully integrated evaluation and measurement of all learning delivery, processes, methodologies as well as content; most corporate academies/corporate universities measure the business impact of learning; in some cases they do a comprehensive ROI on learning or a comprehensive Business Impact Tracking on learning and development for the organization.
  • An agreed upon and well researched learning methodology as well as criteria for accreditation if required (NQF compatible) and consistency in the acquisition of new technology and processes to prevent unnecessary duplication of costs and time.
  • An organisation that has a sense of pride in its capability to be a world class provider of learning as well as one that acknowledges the worth of the organisation’s own evolving culture and values.
  • A clearly demonstrated commitment by the organization to the development of its leaders as well as the desire to attract and retain the best talent available.
  • Reduced duplication across the organisation and consistent application of learning processes and administration systems.

3. Milestones in the Establishment of a Corporate Business School

First milestone:
Research for Needs Analysis completed and report on Strategic Learning Needs tabled.
Second milestone:
The Strategic Investment Proposal submitted to C.E.O. for approval. We can supply consulting advice, templates and documents for this milestones and assistance on which mistakes to avoid
Third to Sixth milestones:
We can supply consulting advice, templates, documents for these milestones and assistance on which mistakes to avoid
Seventh milestone:
Formal opening of Corporate Business School by the C.E.O. in partnership with the chosen learning partners and one or more high profile National leaders.

4. Key Benefits for the client

  • A common language and shared vision for learning and development across al the divisions and learning structures
  • An integrated understanding of the concept of learning culture, continuous learning and empowerment
  • A world class Business Corporate Business School for all employees
  • World class learning programmes for all employees
  • Learning that positively impacts career mobility
  • Learning that supports recruitment and retention of high performers
  • Learning that is linked to the strategic objectives and competencies and legislative requirements
  • Learning that satisfies all legislative requirements
  • A consistent, benchmarked learning methodology
  • World class, benchmarked technology delivery platforms
  • Standardisation of learning practices and processes
  • A common platform for succession planning and career development
  • Efficient utilisation of learning resources and infrastructure
  • High profile learning partners
  • Improved individual & business unit performance
  • Effective assessment/measurement practices
  • Integrated Business Impact Tracking (B.I.T.) to measure real effects on the business, and to measure Return on Investment (R.O.I.)
  • Economies of scale
  • Knowledge management integration
  • A usable & valuable Repository of learning material
  • International benchmarking
  • Integration between HR and learning function practices and processes
  • Sharing of expertise and learning experiences in order to identify and transmit best practice

5. Critical Success Factors in Corporate Business School Design & Implementation

There are several critical success factors that come into play in the design stage, as well as during the implementation of a new corporate Corporate Business School. The careful management of these substantially enhances the effectiveness as well as the ultimate sustainability of the entity and its future integrated contribution toward the attainment of competitive advantage for the Group.

We at Pinoak Consulting have over a number of years acquired a deep understanding of the issues, and have devised and implemented practical tools and processes in some of the most important areas, examples of which are:

  • Positioning and marketing the Corporate Business School as a strategic contributor to an organisation’s overall Business and Learning Strategy
  • Achieving buy-in and meaningful support from the executive team and other stakeholders for the creation of the new Corporate Business School through the disciplined modeling of the anticipated benefits as well as the development of budgets, timelines and a thorough business impact tracking process
  • Implementation of the Corporate Business School in a cost effective and timeous manner by means of a highly collaborative, project management process that is able to deliver in a phased approach allowing for rapid piloting in parallel to the roll out of other components
  • Sharing of best practices, our networks, as well as mistakes that have been made, and our international research and benchmarking; all of which will save the organisation time and money
  • Careful integration of other HR practices as well as other learning and development functions into a systemic whole
  • Ensuring sustained strategic business alignment in everything the Corporate Business School presents to the business, thereby improving customer service and reducing costs and duplication

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