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Pinoak Consulting cc

We work with our corporate and government clients to make significant improvements in their practices and strategies that result in organisations which attract and retain talented people, and which grow stakeholder or shareholder value. We use innovative knowledge management initiatives to confront critical challenges in order to make our clients’ businesses competitive into the future.

Pinoak Consulting consults on the design and implementation of:
  • Corporate Business Schools or Corporate Academies
  • World Class Customised Knowledge Management (KM) Strategies, Initiatives, Implementation Solutions and KM Training
  • Leveraging your Education and Training to international best practice to be fresh, cost effective, streamlined, in partnership with business and totally aligned to your business strategy

Pinoak Consulting has provided consulting services on Corporate Business School Design and Implementation, Group Learning Strategies, and Knowledge Management solutions to leading Fortune 500 and other companies in the United Kingdom, the U.S.A., Europe and Southern Africa.

Our clients have included:

  • The Old Mutual Business School a division of Old Mutual Plc.
  • The Standard Bank Group
  • The Standard Bank; Western Cape
  • Nedcor
  • Hollard Insurance
  • The Investment Management Association of South Africa (I.M.A.S.A.)
  • The Toyota Academy (a Division of Toyota South Africa Manufacturing) where we assisted in creating a strategy for 2005 to 2007;
  • McCarthy Motors
  • Lonmin Platinum
  • Anglo Platinum
  • The Gauteng Provincial Government (previously known as the "Transvaal Provincial Government")
  • The South African Post Office
  • Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs of the Eastern Cape Government
  • The Innovation and Knowledge Management Unit in the Office of the Premier, Eastern Cape Government
  • Danone, Southern Africa
  • In 2011 we were commissioned by the German Development Co-Operation institution, The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbheid (GIZ) to assist the six departments listed below to develop practical knowledge management strategies
  • Office of the Premier, Eastern Cape Government
  • Dept. of Roads and Public Works, Eastern Cape Government
  • Dept. of Health, Eastern Cape Government
  • Dept. of Transport, Eastern Cape Government
  • Dept. of Human Settlements, Eastern Cape Government
  • Dept. of Safety and Security, Eastern Cape Government
  • In 2012 we were commissioned by the German Development Co-Operation institution, The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbheid (GIZ) to assist the KM TASK FORCE of the SECRETARIAT of the SOUTHERN AFRICA DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY(S.A.D.C.) in Gaborone, Botswana to design and write a world class KM Strategy

    Although we are based in Cape Town we are able to collaborate with you to provide innovative solutions to your critical challenges in North America, Europe and Asia.

Pinoak Consulting has produced work for its clients which has resulted in international awards. The work we did in designing a Group Learning Strategy for the Old Mutual Business School and for consulting on the implementation of the Business School received five international awards from the United States based Corporate University Xchange (C.U.X.); the A.S.T.D. (American Society for Training & Development) and from Corporate University Best in Class(CUBIC).(see our ABOUT page for details)

Pinoak Consulting has previously been involved in a number of initiatives with NGO's in the Western Cape. As a result of our work there was an overall improvement in service and efficiency, which in turn ensured increased sustainability with regard to the provision of funding by donors.

Our mission is to empower our clients by sharing our knowledge and thinking, so that they can maintain competitive advantage into the future.