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The HOUSTON METHOD is a unique process supporting leaders and teams at all levels in an organisation

The HOUSTON METHOD currently has 11 standalone modules. Each module consists of a set of questions which you or your team must answer before proceeding to the next question. Once you know the answers to a set of questions you will know which actions are required, and by whom. The modules are: PROBLEMSOLVE, IMPROVE, NAVIGATE, PERFORM, COMMIT and MOTIVATE, MEASURE, KNOWLEDGE STRATEGIST, KNOWLEDGE MANAGER, CHANGE STRATEGIST, CHANGE MANAGER and DECISIONMAKER.

The HOUSTON METHOD is a fully reusable set of processes consisting of 11 modules

  • It is a question based set of tools and techniques. Once you know the answer to some questions you will know what actions are required
  • It is unlike any other support or training method as it is not learned in a classroom. It requires no training and is learned while it is being applied in the workplace by any leader or team at any level in an organisation
  • It can be successfully applied across geographical boundaries and cultural environments. It does not require its users to have sophisticated education or advanced language skills
  • Using the processes and tools impacts your bottom line as it speeds up productivity, profitability and employee engagement
  • The HOUSTON METHOD is new in South Africa and has been rolled out in companies such as BMW, Danone, Media 24, SABMiller and SABC among others
  • The HOUSTON METHOD succeeds equally well in both technical and non-technical environments
  • The question based approach (dialectic) is based on the latest scientific studies on how people learn, communicate and engage with their work. The research and development work was done over a 2 year period with experts from the top international organisations and business schools, who generously provided their expertise, passion and time to the project.

    • Build strong Leadership Confidence and Skills, especially to give Leaders practical support
    • Build energised teams; People will bring their energy and creativity to work when they clearly know the "how" as well as the "what"
    • Translate talk and learning into immediate measurable actions that will impact the bottom line
    • Manage disengagement and regain high levels of commitment
    • Develop competent coaches
    • Drive and embed change faster and more effectively
    • Measure and track progress and ROI
    • Use tools that empower and which can work at all levels - from floor to boardroom without classroom training

    Why was the HOUSTON METHOD created?

    • We noticed as experienced consultants that a number of remarkably similar challenges relating to development, training and performance could be observed in almost all workplaces
    • Organisations are experiencing high levels of disengagenmnet and unfocused performance
    • Actions resulting from many learning interventions are often slow, rarely implemented and not easily measured
    • Human resources practitioners as well as business leaders need help in creating faster learning and performing teams
    • In many instances there are too many interventions being simultaneously implemented with alignment between them

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